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Realized Projects

We receive our projects from both sides, public authorities and private enterprises. Apart from contract research and the creation of wastewater registers our skill is to create customer tailored specialized environmental software with our generic programs RISA-GEN and EnviDat. For historical reasons our industrial customers mainly use EnviDat and our customers from the public authorities mainly use RISA-GEN.

If you would like to learn more about our competence in the area of environmental engineering, please contact us.

Contaminated site register for the federal state Hessen

The existing register of contaminated site in Hessen was extended with a module for local data collection. Locally editing the data but storing it centrally involves frequent updating of data. Therefore the client DATUS mobile based on RISA-GEN was developed. It can be filled with the necessary data. After editing by local authorities or engineering offices, it is imported automatically into the main data base.
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Wastewater register for chemical park Bitterfeld-Wolfen

We developed a wastewater register based on EnviDat for chemical park Bitterfeld-Wolfen in cooperation with their sewerage treatment plant and the local authorities. The challenge was to embed the different indirect dischargers in the register. Therefore we use frequent automatically querying of the indirect dischargers based on Excel. Through the cooperation with the local authorities we can make available the indirect dischargers permissions faster and easier to the chemical park and import them into the database.
The centralized data management and data transfer from an external data base enables controlling the indirect discharges of the chemical park more easily. Also the System enables the chemical park to create automitically orders for chemical analysis to external Laboratories.
We developed a similar register for "Technologiepark Mitteldeutschland Service Gesellschaft" (TMS).

Register of hazardous substances for Dow

We developed an register of hazardous substances based on EnviDat for Dow. Their frequently developing of new substances and mixtures of substances needs a quick GHS classification, i.e. the hazard pictograms and the hazard statements. Our system simplifies the classification and saves it into a central database where the sites "Rheinmünster" and "central germany" of Dow have full access. So every site has at every time access to up-to-date substance data sheets.

Wastewater register and Laboratory Information and Management System (LIMS) for Boehringer Ingelheim Pharama

Because of the complexity of the batch mode at the client we had to develop new ways of building the wastewater register with EnviDat. Considering the operating procedure and the operation methods of the staff we developed tools which could deal with the company specific Excel sheets.
In addition to the centralized data of all measurements coming from laboratories and online measurement devices as well as the data of the planned proctucts it gives the opportunity to optimize the operation mode of the waste water treatment plant more and more.

Waste water register for severale sites of Dow

The Sites Böhlen, Schkopau and Stade of the Dow Company have existing waste water register based on EnviDat. Except the automated building of the waste water register and the simplified data transfer (for example from Excel sheets) we enlarged the databases according to user requironments. All databases are able to store LIMS-data (Laboratory Information and Management System) and data from online measurement devices. The centralized data of all different measuring systems gives the opportunity to analyze and thus optimize the operation of the waste water treatment plant more and more.

Laboratory Information and management System (LIMS) for "Gemeinschaftsklärwerk Bitterfeld-Wolfen" (a sewerage treatment plant)

The LIMS system is based on EnviDat. It centralizes all incoming measurings. The online measurement devices, the in-house laboratory and the external results from the local laboratory can be inserted using the Step-By-Step-methods of EnviDat. The database can easily be fed with the in-house measuring, even orders to external laborites, and data import can be done with this system. The complex measurement data evaluation and automatically creation of statistics, developed by us, gives the opportunity of optimizing the operation management of the waste water treatment plant.

Developing the waste water register for the federal state Niedersachsen (AKN)

Between 2003 to 2006 we developed a waste water register in close collaboration with the regional authorities for water management, coastal and nature preservation (NLWKN). Based on our RISA-GEN software, AKN is an office application that consists of different modules to support the collection, evaluation and exchange of data, and it is used in all agencies of the NLWKN in lower Saxony as well as in numerous other water sub-authorities. It is a distributed software system with the central data management held in NLWKN-Hildesheim.
We have also created a module for waste water tax evaluation, correspondent to the current federal state law. After taking into account many complex rules, this module makes an appraisal of the amount of contamination contained in the waste water discharge, so that taxes can be levied.
With the use of query tools contained in every RISA-GEN application, all data values of the AKN application can be comfortably evaluated, in particular when using predefined queries.

AKN Online compilation

Because some users only need to enter the EU-report requirements for 91/271/EWG (municipal waste water) and 76/464/EWG (discharge of dangerous substances) and 2000/479/EG (EPER), and because the complete AKN software would provide a too great functionality and installation cost, we have also created a software for online compilation of that only data. The configuration of this Internet application is especially easy, because the data model is limited to a small part of the complete data model. This application is also assistant-oriented and leads the user smoothly through the individual input masks.

Application for entitlement to an allotment of CO2-emissions certificates

In 2004, the allocation law 2007 for the trading of CO2 emission certificates in Germany, was very quickly transformed by RISA into a data collection software, to be used for filing applications for entitlement. The basis of this development was the database application RISA-GEN. For the trading period 2005-2007, this program, with a few extensions, continued to be used for new applications of entitlement and applications for capacity extensions for existing entitlement.

Contaminated site register for the federal state Brandenburg

In collaboration with the State Environmental Agency of Brandenburg (LUA) we have developed, based on RISA-GEN, the 'contaminated site Register' (ALKAT). Its purpose is the decentralised capture and centralised management and evaluation of extensive information on old deposits / old locations and substantially detrimental soil changes.

Contaminated site register for the federal state Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

For the decentralized collection of data on suspected polluted areas in the federal state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, and the centralized evaluation of this data, RISA GmbH, in collaboration with the technical university of Berlin, developed the program system ALPHA 2000 (Based on RISA 2000, which has been the predecessor of RISA-GEN).

Wastewater register for the federal state Bavaria

For the collection and evaluation of data about municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants in the federal state Bavaria, we developed on the basis of UDIS the application system UDIS-BY. The UDIS data model and in particular the user interface were adapted to the Bavarian requirements.

IPPC applications within the scope of TWINNING projects in Czechia and Romania

Contracted by the Federal Environment Agency, in collaboration with German experts for environmental management, we developed, based on RISA-GEN, an IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) application system for the Czech Republic and Romania. This software is in the respective national languages.

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