BMW type series E68
Photo: © BMW AG

Realized projects

The majority of our projects have originated from research projects which we have conducted for our customers. Many of these projects involve critical corporate domains.

If you would like to learn more about our competence in the sphere of safety and reliability of technical systems, please contact us!

Safety evaluation for hydrogen-fuel supply system

On contract for the BMW AG we carried out a safety evaluation for the hydrogen-fuel supply system (LH2-KVA) for the type series E68. Hydrogen is an environmentally compatible alternative fuel. It has like every other technical systems the ability for human hazard. The task to solve was to evaluate independently an existing safety analysis. BMW demonstrated with this system that automobiles with hydrogen-fuel just as well to manufacture and to operate as automobiles with standard fuel.

Realisation of probabilistic safety analysis (PSA) for the Hamburgische Elektrizitäts-Werke AG (HEW), now Vattenfall Europe AG

Within just a few years, on contract for Vattenfall Europe, we created the essential parts of the PSAs for the nuclear power plants KrŸmmel and BrunsbŸttel. For this, we used a program system developed by us for error and event tree analyse. Furthermore, we carried out human reliability analyses and large scale (fossil fuel) power plant analyses as well as power plant specific component malfunction data analyses.

Safety consideration for a prototypical R744 air-conditioning system

For the German car industry, we carried out a safety examination using the method of probabilistic safety analysis, regarding the use of carbon dioxide (R744) as an alternative cooling agent in car air-conditioners. R744, as a natural gas, is especially environmentally friendly, however, it can present a health hazard in high concentrations. The scope of this project was to evaluate the possible human health risks. Under the umbrella of an SAE-symposium (Society of Automotive Engineers) we, among others, presented our findings, see FMEA of CO2 Air Conditioning Systems and Comparative Analysis of the Potential Risks of Alternative Refrigerants for AC Systems.

Reliability and Incidence Database for European Industrial Union for Electricity and Heat Production (VGB-Power-Tech e.V.)

On contract for the VGB e.V., we have developed a freely configurable database application (ZEDB). This software is used for the collection of failure relevant data from technical components and comes with a Two-Stage-Bayes evaluation procedure to determine the failure rate or failure probability. RISA GmbH has for many years offered a technical and software-technical support service for the database users and the data delivery points.

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