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Environmental Information Systems and Industrial Plant Information Systems

In the last few years the requirements for documentation and management of environmental and industrial plant data has risen dramatically. Not only for public administration but also for industrial plant managers.

As your partner in the area of Environmental information and plant information systems, we can create a concept specifically tailored for your application, and provide you with the environmental and plant information system you need.

We can support you in the creation of flexible solutions for use in all areas of your corporate or public works, and provide relevant data inventories for the respective questions. We work with all database systems and support the platforms Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

We follow-up our product life cycle with user and administrator training, we offer workshops, and First and Second level phone support.

Solutions for company environmental and plant information systems

We have developed products at present in use industrial fields, based on EnviDat, for the following ordinances and laws:

In addition we have also created reporting solutions for the following applications:

Solutions for Public Works Management

For use in public administration we have developed the software systems UDIS and RISA-GEN.
The following are some of the solutions we have originated from UDIS and RISA-GEN:

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