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RISA-GEN is a development platform for database-based information management systems whose basic functionality can be easily configured. At the beginning of the configuration of a specific model in RISA-GEN, the full functionality (import / export in XML, Excel and CSV format, explorer with tree-view representation of the application structure, query tools, assistants etc.) is already available.


RISA-GEN can be used as a single workplace solution or in client server mode and runs on the operating system platforms Windows 2000 and XP, Linux and Mac OS X. To use a RISA-GEN application, a Java-run time environment is required. All current market database systems, for example Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and Postgres can be used.


An extended generic approach has been chosen based on the ZEDB-2000 structure. Besides the structuring of data stock, class groups, classes (object types) and subclasses it is also possible to create subsets of these structures. RISA-GEN uses a finely graded hierarchical user rights management.

Comprehensive configuration possibilities

The application platform RISA-GEN has a strong focus on comprehensive configurability. There are many different tools available for the administration at each stage of a RISA-GEN application. This makes it is possible to compile a RISA-GEN based application in very short time, and to make changes in the application structure at any time in the future.

Other features

Through different interfaces RISA-GEN applications are directly linkable with other applications, such as office applications (Microsoft Word and Excel), and GIS applications from different manufacturers.

Furthermore, RISA-GEN supports:

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