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In 1990 RISA GmbH was created out of the working group, “Safety and Reliability of technical facilities”, of the Technical University (TU) of Berlin. As well as probability analysis of safety in power plants, over the past 25 years RISA has also made safety and reliability analysis models for road, rail and air transportation systems. Since 1993 the environmental department of RISA has been involved with the development of environmental information systems, and since the end of 1990's we have been involved with the collection, quality assurance, preparation and conveyance of environmental data within the scope of several European directives.

RISA GmbH today

Through our collaboration in many different research projects in the areas of safety and reliability analysis, and environmental information systems, RISA GmbH comes constantly in contact with the latest developments and technologies, which we use to our advantage in the field. This exposure is also of great assistance in our work for official and industrial clients. It is often the practical solutions from the field that bring new approaches to our research.

The success of our concept of contract research and the execution of vital company contracts is also reflected in our list of reference projects (Safety and Reliability Analyses and also Environmental Information Systems) and our list of scientific contributions. The working groups of RISA GmbH, at the moment, consist of employees from the areas of engineering and information technology, and are supported by freelance experts employed for specific projects.

Quality policy

We support our clients in their business by delivering traceably developed information. We collect the bases of this information systematically making use of scientifically sound methods and we constantly improve our processes. We do so, because we believe that decisions must be based on systematic analysis with as little bias as possible, and stemming from sound facts. We do not infringe our activity for any short-term profit nor do we violate our ethical principles in favor of other goals. Against all parties involved, we focus on fairness in dealing with each other. We want a long term relationship with our clients without violating our values.

Cooperation partner

The RISA GmbH closely works together with the following cooperation partners:

Within the range of the software development and the safety and reliability analysis with the Athens company ERRA (www.erra.gr).
Within the range of services for the public administrations with the ]init[ AG (www.init.de).


Concerns in the area of safety and reliability of technical systems are more current than ever, and their application is continually advancing into new topic areas. So that we can continue to offer fitting solutions concepts in the area of environmental information systems in future, we adopt the latest trends and new developments early. We use our experience to the advantage of our customers.

Become a part of RISA GmbH

To university students and graduates, we offer the chance to get an insight to our work, through collaboration on our projects, e.g. for a student project or a master thesis.

If interested, please contact: .

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